Not exhaustive

For the past 20 years I’ve put fingers to keyboard in the world of Information Technology, and for the past 10 I have been obsessed with internet marketing, website design, and online user behavior.

It was through this journey that I discovered my absolute love and passion for web copywriting - we meet each morning and further acquaint, over coffee.


Stubborn pride

Besides making amazing healthy and not-so-healthy smoothies, there are two things I pride myself on and refuse to compromise:

1- understanding my customers’ needs, and 2- communicating clearly so I meet my customers’ needs

I don’t just provide a service, I help my customers meet their business goals.


From shy girl to trophy-touting VP

Being a nerd came comfortably natural to me but it also made me a bit of an introvert.

(Or was it the other way around?)

Ask me how I broke out from shy girl in the back of the room to two-time trophy-winning Vice President of a local Toastmasters public speaking group.

Details, details…

If you’re into the techie stuff, you can check out details about my professional background by clicking here.

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