Technically speaking

Ways I’ve put my keyboard, mouse, and mind to use:

  • Google AdWords

  • Facebook Advertising (image & video marketing, retargeting)

  • WordPress (install, customize, optimize, maintain)

  • Adobe Premiere / Photoshop / Illustrator for video/photo/vector editing

  • GetResponse: AutoResponder for email marketing campaigns

  • Facebook Messenger 24/7 Automated Business Assistant (chatbot)

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Keyword research

  • Landing/opt-in page creation and A/B testing

  • Various CMS tools/website builders

  • Cyber security SIEM, web and email security

  • Amazon cloud CICD tools

I.T. veteran, former paralegal turns copywriter and website advisor.

Remember when the final episode of Seinfeld aired?

Wellll…that was about the time I embarked on a rewarding 20-year career in Information Technology.

During this time I enjoyed growing as a two-time South Jersey business owner who acquired skills in internet marketing, email marketing, WordPress customization and optimization, HTML and CSS, UX design, Google and Facebook advertising & retargeting, and image and video editing using the Adobe Creative Suite… to name a few.

In the corporate world, I took a brief hiatus from I.T. to become a paralegal after graduating Summa Cum Laude from my program.

Once I returned to I.T. I continued working in cyber security and Amazon cloud services before delving deeper into my creative side through UX design, video editing, and web copywriting.

And in 2018, I was honored to have been featured in Forbes magazine.

Today, I am a direct response web and SEO copywriter, martech enthusiast, and strategic website advisor.

Professional organizations of which I am a member:


Professional Writer’s Alliance

American Writers & Artists Inc.

Toastmasters International

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