Technically speaking

Remember when the final episode of Seinfeld aired?

Wellll…that was about the time I embarked on a rewarding 20-year career in Information Technology.

During this time I enjoyed growing as a two-time South Jersey business owner who acquired skills in internet marketing, email marketing, WordPress customization and optimization, HTML and CSS, UX design, Google and Facebook advertising & retargeting, and image and video editing using the Adobe Creative Suite… to name a few.

In the corporate world, I took a brief hiatus from I.T. to become a paralegal after graduating Summa Cum Laude from my program.

Once I returned to I.T. I continued working in cyber security and Amazon cloud services before delving deeper into my creative side through UX design, video editing, and web copywriting.

And in 2018, I was honored to have been featured in Forbes magazine.

Today, I am a direct response web and SEO copywriter, martech enthusiast, and strategic website advisor.

So why work with me?

I thought of 328 reasons why but here are the top 3:

1- I naturally am a caring, polite and understanding person.  We’re all out here to win, and I want to help you get your share because I love seeing people succeed

2- I’ve owned 2 businesses before so I’ve been in your shoes — I know what it’s like to pour everything you’ve got into building a business and reach a point where it’s not getting you the results you imagined, and 

3- I’ve been an entrepreneur and I’ve worked in the corporate world — so you’re getting close to 25 years of seasoned experience in internet marketing, advertising, and information technology.

…Add all that up and it means my inner geek and serial entrepreneur are energized by helping others meet their business goals and I do that through response-driven copy. 

Love the technical stuff? Then you’ll want to keep reading…

So, how exactly can I help you today?

First, don’t worry. Some of this stuff gets confusing, right?  E-this, i-that… online… web… ugh!  

I’ve got you covered.

You don’t have to know exactly what you need - we’ll figure that out together.

Or if you already know what you need, like:

  • you want to send emails that your customers respond to, like taking advantage of a sale, inquiring about more information, etc

  • you want to make sure your website copy is the magnet it was meant to be

  • you want to be found in search engines

  • you want to attract new customers

  • you’re tired of hearing crickets

I can help you. 

Especially if: 

…you’re not sure what to write

…you just want to run your business (because really, who has time to write?)

…you tried writing but… it’s not going so well

Technically speaking, I’m a bit of a grammar geek (and just a geek) with a background in I.T. and online marketing.

Here are some of the toys in my playground:

  • Google AdWords

  • Facebook Advertising (image & video marketing, retargeting)

  • WordPress (install, customize, optimize, maintain)

  • Adobe Creative Suite - Premiere / Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign for video/photo/vector/spread editing

  • GetResponse: AutoResponder for email marketing campaigns

  • Facebook Messenger 24/7 Automated Business Assistant (chatbot)

  • Amazon product sales

  • Direct mail marketing

  • Affiliate marketing

  • Keyword research

  • Website layout & maintenance

  • Landing/opt-in page creation and A/B testing

  • Various content management systems/website builders

  • Cyber security SIEM, web and email security

  • Amazon cloud CICD/DevOps tools

Professional organizations of which I am a member:


Professional Writer’s Alliance

American Writers & Artists Inc.

Toastmasters International

Still have questions?

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