ARTICLE: Mind Food for Those Who Dream Of Life As A Writer


If you dream of becoming a writer and living life however you choose, it’s essential you prepare your mind for freedom without self-sabotage.

You might think life as a writer just isn’t that complicated.

And you’re right…

If your mind is in the right place.

Because without even realizing it, we sometimes talk ourselves out of the success that is meant for us, simply because we retell the stories that live in a cobweb-covered storage chest in our mind.

And what ends up happening is we just can’t get out of our own way, no matter how badly we want to.

See, I believe each and every one of us wants success.

And, I believe we each question our life purpose at some point of our lives.

We are constantly evolving and reinventing ourselves to find out who we really are inside and what we’re capable of.

And as we grow, we often seek greater freedoms –

·      freedom of expression…

·      the freedom to travel…

·      freedom to be who we want to be…

·      and freedom from time and financial constraints.

All of those are reasons why many of us writers gravitate toward writing in the first place.

And thanks to the internet allowing any tropical sandy beach to act as our home office, what better way to quench our passion for freedom with writing than to do it online?

If one of your life passions is to fulfill your dream of online writing freedom, stick with me –

Because in order to successfully design and maintain a life of freedom with writing, I believe your headspace should be in a state of peace and calm.

So here are seven mental yogasizes to help you ground your mind. It’s one of the core essentials for producing copy that will bring you online writing freedom for years to come.

Think Freedom And It Will Be Yours

Self-improvement practitioner and thought leader Napoleon Hill once said, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”.

Now, I’ll admit –

When I first heard that I thought it was crazy talk.

And I remember dissecting Hill’s declaration from every angle. 

But as it turns out, he is absolutely right.

Think back to something amazing you accomplished. Something that, at one time, may have seemed about as likely as pigs flying.

Now think back even further to when you didn’t have a clue how you were going to do it.

You may not realize this but, you simply thought about it.

Repeatedly, refining the idea, preparing, gathering tools you may have needed…

Until one day - boom! Mission accomplished.

It’s how all anything that’s done gets done. From thought to thing, the origin of everything you do is in your mind.

So the next time you think something is impossible, remember that you need only think about it a little at a time, and you will figure out how to do it.

Now, this isn’t just a one time thing.

You’ll need to make a habit of telling yourself — as often as you hear the little voice that says you can’t — that you can achieve your dream.

Once your mind locks in on the truth that something is possible, your mind will also go to work in figuring out how to get you there.

Make Fear Ride On The Roof 

Now let’s talk about fear. 

It’s real, yes? 1,000%.

So real, it can cripple our progress and bring our dreams to a grinding halt.

When it comes to writing, fear can grow like algae in our mind and distract us from delivering a top-notch piece.

So here’s a surefire way to gain control of your fear –

1.     Acknowledge that fear will always be with you. We’re human and it’s natural to fear anything you haven’t done before.  

2.     Know that fear is a control freak and it will always plant itself into your driver’s seat. Talk to it and then toss it up onto the roof while you forge ahead on your journey.

The conversation can go a little something like this:

“Dear Fear,

I see you’re here, and I appreciate your concern, but I don’t recall asking you to drive so go ride rooftop and if I need you I’ll come get you.”

(By the way I’m sure this goes without saying, but don’t actually pull fear down from the roof.)

If you’re truly searching the freedom that comes with being a freelance copywriter then this one is a must.

Go on, I know you can do it.

Kick Procrastination in the #%$*!

I’ve heard it said that when we procrastinate in doing something it’s because somewhere in our subconscious, we believe we can’t really conquer it.

I’ll share the absolute best advice I ever heard when it comes to writing and it’s from American Writers & Artists Inc. co-founders Katie Yeakle and Rebecca Matter:

“Write every day”.

It’s that simple. 

You may not be on top of your writing game every single time your fingers start to type. 

But if you’re writing (typing) every day, then it gets easier to just… start.

And, once you start, you are that much closer to finishing.

Even if you only type your name and a mock title, you’ve typed something on the page.

You might be asking, “OK so what can I write about every day?”

Easy! Write about anything you love.

One ingenious way to approach writing is like famed copywriter Nick Usborne, as he shows you in his publication, “The Secret of The 1-Hour Workweek”.

In it you’ll see how you can not only write about what you love, but you can use it to make a great living writing online in only a few hours a week.

As a member of [CLIENT], you’ll have it anytime you need a boost. 

Abandon the Status Quo

When I was younger I remember being asked the question, “if everyone jumps off a bridge are you going to do that too?” in response to wanting to do something just because my peers were doing it.

Now, the stubborn children (not me) wouldn’t actually answer the question, but instead, squint an eye back to the adult who was asking.

And as we’ve grown we’ve learned to decide for ourselves exactly the things we choose to do and not do.

Now, that's not to say that we sometimes don’t do things because our friends, our partner or family are doing them – but it’s important for us to distinguish between supporting those we love and blindly following the crowd.

Every now and then, abandon conformity.

Don’t be afraid to swim upstream.

If you’re supposed to wear matching socks, then don’t.

If you’re supposed to eat your green beans with a fork, well, abandon the fork for a night.

Little by little, deliberately declare your individuality and you’ll discover freedom of expression and an ease for confidently breaking from the crowd.

Not only will you laugh at yourself, but you’ll find it washes you with a level of comfort in yourself and your abilities, and it will strengthen your mental health muscles so your mind is well prepared when you sit down to write.

Here’s to your online writing freedom!

Celebrate Your Talents

Too often we don’t reflect on just how amazingly talented we really are.

As we learn new skills we tuck them under our belt of accomplishments and they become a distant memory of just another thing we completed.

But if we’re not careful we stop recognizing all the supporting steps in-between that got us to the finish line.

For example, let’s say you completed your first sales letter.

(And if you really did that, woohoo!  Congratulations! That’s quite an accomplishment!)

Sales letters can get quite lengthy, take time to plan, and have many parts that have to blend naturally and lead the prospect on a journey to make a decision.

So don’t just celebrate that you completed a sales letter. 

Celebrate each part of the sales letter as a separate accomplishment.

That goes for anything you do.

Once you see just how many little things you know how to do, you’ll appreciate the bigger accomplishment on a deeper level.

As often as you can, do one thing to celebrate… YOU.

Take an evening to cook or buy your favorite meal for yourself… and chew slowly.

Buy yourself flowers. Or schedule a massage.

Take time out to care for yourself as you would any other investment, and you’ll continue to enjoy the online writing freedom your heart craves.

Stop Kickboxing Yourself

We shoot for the stars.

Sometimes we miss and hit the moon. 

With writing, this can mean:

·      writers block

·      missed deadlines

·      multiple edits 

What’s most important is that you remember you’re human, and it’s why there are still erasers on top of pencils.

Understand that what the world will tell you is a mistake is just practice and feedback for what to change on your next try.

Remember how awesomely talented you are.

Then give it your best shot and edit your writing.

It’s like they say -- it’s not how many times you fall, but how many times you stand back up.

Just look at the members of the [CLIENT]. You’d never guess some are high school dropouts. 

Today, they are successful writers enjoying their comeback story, a career that didn’t penalize them for not finishing high school, and a life of online writing freedom.

What others perceive as mistakes can often blossom into victories.  Embrace yours and see where your life will take you.

Listen to NASA

At the December 2011 TEDxTuscon Dr. George Land reported a study NASA developed in an attempt to measure creativity.

A specialized test was given to 1,600 children between the ages of 4 and 5.  98% of them scored in a way that NASA considered them “creative geniuses”.

NASA administered the test to the same children five years later - only 30% of them were still “creative geniuses”.

By age 15, only 12% of them maintained their status.

It’s clear that as young children, we were geniuses at thinking outside of the box without limits so why not go back to that?

I get my creativity back by:

  • swinging high on playground swings

  • riding my light-up hover board around my house

  • challenging my son to a good ole’ fashioned Wii Mario Kart race

  • carving mini sea turtles into the sand at the beach

So grab a pouch of fruit snacks and revive your inner 5-year-old. You’ll see how good you feel and how much easier writing becomes.

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