SEO: Sizzle vs Marinate

If you own a website or maintain one you’ve probably heard of search engine optimization, or SEO.

While there are numerous components to SEO utopia, did you know there are two approaches to getting there?

Before we dive into each one, let’s step back and get further acquainted with SEO.

Search engines like Google serve up results on what’s called a search engine results page, or SERP, when we feed search terms into its search bar.

These results are typically a treasure trove of links to videos, websites, and documents.

The order in which those links are listed is the handy-work of what’s called search engine optimization.

Some websites do it so well they skyrocket right to the top of the page.

On the other hand, webpages that are not optimized will live a little lower (actually, a lot lower) in the SERPs.

Right now you may be thinking your website is in trouble because you haven’t SEO’d one beloved thing on your website.

Not to worry, we can certainly remedy that with a little SEO TLC.

And the best part is - you’re in the right place.

Just remember, high search engine rank is the gold medal… that HUGE shiny trophy… to proper search engine optimization.

Still with me?  Great!  Now we’re ready to talk about the two approaches to SEO.

To start, SEO is first a mindset and a blissful journey.

That’s because optimization is an continuous labor of love.

And you’ll need to decide whether you want to be the tortoise or the hare in your approach.

Because both approaches will get you to the finish line, but only one will do so ethically while the other… well… not so much.

In the past, it wasn’t hard to scoff the authority of the search engines.

I remember reading articles online about how stuffing a keyword into your webpage content 10 times or more would boost your search engine ranking.

And back then, this shortcut worked, and it’s how the hares ran the race.

Website owners didn’t have to put much effort into ranking, so it wasn’t common to see in-depth, reliable or relevant content on the top-ranking websites.

It just wasn’t necessary.

Eventually this behavior caught the attention of the discerning search engine guardians, so now they white glove every website and force it to legitimately earn its rightful rank.

Which is good if you’re on the search side of the house because your search results will more closely match what you’re looking for.

In short, the longevity and ranking you want your website to achieve will determine which flavor of SEO you choose to cook with.

By the way, I am a hopeless foodie, so bear with me while I compare SEO to… well, food.

Let’s look at the first approach…

The Sizzler 

You hear it before you see it.  When the server brings the sizzler to your table, it’s the center of attention and the trailblazer to the foot-high pan pop.

And once that aroma fills the air heads start to turn and the pan of the hour is set down onto the table.

But it’s not long before that sizzle dwindles to a whisper. Before long, the pan has cooled and there’s no more action. 

That’s because sizzler SEO is made up only of flashy buzzwords (or, keywords, as they’re called in SEO-speak) related to your business.  

Sizzling words grab attention initially, but lack the hearty substance search engines now demand.

Too weak to maintain and grow a consistent volume of interest over time, this type of SEO ultimately fails because its entire roadshow stands on one leg - keywords.

As a result, websites optimized using only repetitive keywords will find themselves with super low (or non-existent) search engine ranking. Like, page 16. And no one clicks to page 16.

Absolute Marination  

We all know just about any food that’s marinated releases a deeper, richer flavor than a food served from freezer to table. That’s because more love goes into preparing this type of food.

Thawing is just the beginning.

Chopping, blending, tenderizing… marinating the food overnight… then cooking it at the exact temperature for a precise amount of time in order to plate the most succulent, juicy, mouth-watering morsels your stomach’s heart could ever imagine.  

And if we translate that to SEO-speak, it means your website will yield more satisfying, longer lasting results the search engines reward with higher ranking (remember, HUGE trophy) over a longer period of time.

This is because marination SEO not only looks at what keywords are the best fit for your specific services or product offerings, but it incorporates:

  • prediction and pattern

  • expectation

  • evidence that a website matches the search intention

Intention and prediction are key here, and it’s how the tortoises do it.

Search engines have matured into web butlers who’ve gotten to know you and can almost predict what you’re looking for. We’re treading in artificial intelligence territory right now, and that’s another story for another time...

Just know that for better or for worse, search engines are the judge and jury who decide whether your site is a reliable, relevant and trustworthy solution for the content people are searching for. 

Now, here’s the big uh-oh if you don’t already know — there are several additional factors that satisfy SEO’s ravenous appetite, but in talking just about your website content, you’ll want to make it as relevant and as thorough as possible.

It all boils down to this: search engines have the responsibility of making sure people come away from your website more knowledgable than they were before they arrived.

And they take their job quite seriously.

It all comes down to substance.

Think of search engines like private eye detectives —

They secretly eyeball every word and nook of your website, in an endless quest of search engine worthiness.

Which makes it well worth the time and effort it takes to make your website presentable so it passes the sniff test.  

The first step of your SEO journey begins by analyzing your site to see where you might be missing opportunities to increase your search engine worthiness.  

And don’t worry, not only can I do it for you but I’ll break it down and lay it out in simple explanations without the geek speak.

That is, unless you want that… I can do that too. And if you want it fixed, well, I can do that too.

Before you know it you’ll be well on your way to a beautifully marinated, search engine optimized website.

Let’s talk about how SEO copywriting can help you attract more traffic, clicks, customers and sales. Start by booking your free consultation.