ARTICLE: Video: What You Don’t Know Could Hurt Your Business in 2020


Have you ever been left out of an inside joke that sent everyone at the dinner table into contagious belly laughter?

Not invited to a party you heard about?

Ignored during a group conversation? 

If so, you’re not alone. Many of us have felt left out at one time or another.

For some of us it can have a long-lasting psychological and social impact.

But as a business owner, being left out can also have a financial impact —

Enough so that you may as well withdraw cash from your bank account and lay it in your competitor’s hands if you stay out of the know long enough.

To put it another way, profitable marketing means keeping your business on the inside of the inside joke.

And if you’re ready to hear one that can have a massive impact on your customer acquisition and retention strategies, stay with me.

Because in this case, the inside joke is a marketer’s secret tool.

One that network traffic expert Cisco forecasts will make up 80% of all Internet traffic by the time this year is out.

And it’s causing online businesses like yours to take inventory and poll their 2020-readiness so they don’t get left behind.

In fact, some businesses have already suited up to prevent falling victim to a potential marketing pitfall. 

That’s because since 2016 this particular marketing medium has quietly bumped email, pdf downloads and even blogs out of the top spots.

Chances are, you’ve already seen it in action.

Toddlers, teenagers and seniors are influenced by it …

Tuning in on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices.

It truly seems like everyone is doing it, everywhere.

So much so that Cisco also predicts by 2020, this one marketing tool will send 1 million minutes of content across the Internet every single second.

Yes, every. Single. Second.

So what exactly is everyone doing? 

They're watching online video, creating a visual pandemonium that adds up to billions of views each day, according to YouTube.

What’s So Special About Video?

  • Videos interrupt our flow

    Many of us will take a moment to watch a video clip even if we were busy doing something else. Bet you won’t do that to check out a Powerpoint presentation!

  • Videos create a connection to who or what we see in the video

  • Video messages are easier to remember

    According to Forbes, 95% of consumers retain a message they watch compared to 10% who retain a message they read, and

  • Videos translate and condense lengthy messages into memorable bites

    T-Sciences tells us the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text, which is perfect for boiling down lectures and written content into impactful visual messages.

And from a marketing perspective, video can help you boost your conversion rate since:

And it gets better…

In 2019, we’ve only scratched the surface of using video in marketing, so your leads and customers are far from feeling oversaturated.

As if that’s not enough, marketing trends tell us this will only continue –

In 2017, research from global online marketing titan Hubspot revealed consumers want to see video content more than any other type of content.

By now you might be thinking…

What About Email And Blogging?

Cake isn’t made of just eggs, right?

Even though video is on fire right now, I’m not suggesting you eliminate email, social media content and blogs from your marketing arsenal.

Whether you’re mapping out home security, potty training, or a full makeover sightseeing in Rome — you’ll want to implement a layered approach.

Make your service offerings irresistible and show your customers they’re worth more than just an order confirmation number and you’ll win their loyalty.

Video helps you bank an easy win and do just that.

At this point you might be wondering exactly how you’d go about adding video to your existing marketing strategy. 

Fortunately, I not only am a direct response copywriter, but I happen to be a 20-year I.T. veteran (nerd) with video editing experience.

I can easily help your business elevate its marketing game by incorporating 3 to 5 minute videos that resonate with your leads and customers:

  • entice your leads with solutions to common problems

  • showcase your staff bragging about the results they’ve seen past customers achieve

  • create engaging testimonials from customers who love your services

When you choose to connect with new and existing customers through video, you’ll be keeping your business fresh and well-positioned for the tidal wave experts are saying is headed our way.

The only bad news is — some of your competitors have already gotten a head start. 

In less than 6 short months, even more of your competitors will be jumping on board… sitting at the marketing superstar’s table, belly laughing at the inside joke.

My Offer To You

What I’m excited to offer you now is a ticket to sit at that table and get in on the joke.

By accepting my offer and allowing me to add video to your existing marketing strategy, your business will be 2020-ready when January rolls in, while other businesses will still be drafting their marketing plans on napkins.

Remember, your seat at the table...the inside joke… will create a revolving door of connections to your customers —

…a benefit which can extend well beyond 2020, because we all know business is built on relationships and not just an amazing product.

And you won’t walk in alone to the dinner table. I’ll walk you through the entire process, which will consist of us creating videos side-by-side.

Or, I can customize (3) done-for-you example videos of what your new video marketing strategy of 2020 can look like.

I’ll prepare them especially for your business so you and your team can try them on for size.

Then if you choose, we can work together to change them any way you like.

We’ll even determine the best the delivery format --

Choose from animated video shorts, lighthearted one-on-one interviews, inspirational testimonials or close-up ah-ha moments to name a few.

Best of all, we can start slow and measure the click-through rate and comments just to see how they’re working for you.

You’ll be in total control of how you want the videos to sound, to look, and even the way you want them delivered to your prospects and customers…

Whether that’s to include them in your email marketing or post them on your website.

And because Google ranks relevant video content (hosted on its YouTube platform, that is) above relevant non-video content, we’ll whip out our SEO magic wand to help them rank high on the search result pages.

There is no better time to prepare for the video gold rush experts and trends say is avalanching toward us.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Ready to explore?

Let’s scope out ways to skyrocket your business with video.

2020 is going to roll around quick, and with video marketing ramping up the way it is, you’ll want to be ready.

To your continued success,


P.S. World internet usage statistician tells us there are 4.4 billion people online worldwide.

So even if your videos were viewed by half of 1% of them, you’d still get your videos in front of 22 million people. Contact me and let’s see what we can create!