If you build a website, they will come… right?

Not necessarily.

Most websites lack relevant, clear, and sales-focused copy …

And that can drive customers away.

It can also leave many business owners frustrated and at a disadvantage online - lacking website traffic and fighting for attention in a virtual ocean of competitors.

Website Content Audit

A website content audit reveals the areas of your website that will benefit from improvement so that it drives more traffic to your pages. It will:

1. analyze how closely your website copy and structure meets your users’ needs

2. uncover strategies to drive actions like sign-ups and purchases

3. position your website to stand out from the crowd of competitors

We’ll focus on:

  • the text and intention of each individual webpage

  • page-to-page performance across the entire website

  • SEO keywords and keyphrases

  • the simplicity/complexity of the pre-sales and sales/sign-up process

  • the usability of each webpage

  • barriers to success

  • missed opportunities to convert website visitors to action-takers (sign-ups & sales)

  • the security and security perception of your website

You’ll finally have clear recommendations and a roadmap for fixing the areas that are not working.

Book your free consultation to discuss whether a website content audit can help your website. Getting started is easy and fast!