If you build a website, they will come… right?

Not necessarily.

Just because you build a website doesn’t mean people can find it.

Most websites lack relevant, clear, sales-focused copy, and it’s part of why many websites rank low in search results.

Weak website content can not only drive customers away, but it can send your website down an awkward spiral of losing prospects and customers to your competitors.

The good news?

You can easily see which areas of your website could be to blame for low search engine rank, low traffic, and failed conversions.

Website Diagnosis & Analysis

A website diagnosis and analysis reveals:

  • areas of your website that could be driving users away

  • strategies to drive more traffic to your website

  • optimization techniques that convert tire-kickers to action-takers

  • a detailed look at how your website stacks up against the content your customers are searching for

  • proven techniques that help your website stand out from the competition

I do this by analyzing:

  • the text, components and format of each individual page within your entire website

  • page flow and transition

  • SEO keywords and keyphrases

  • the pre-sales, sales, and post-sales user journey

  • the top-to-bottom user experience of each webpage

  • the security and security perception of your website

I’ll identify your website’s missed opportunities to convert website visitors to loyal customers as well as provide clear recommendations and easy-to-follow roadmaps that enable you to crush your barriers to success.

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