The following are emails I’ve written to promote a professional copywriter’s club and welcome its newest members


 If You Can Write A Letter, You Can Make 6-Figures Every Year


And you can do it in just a few hours a week. 

Even if you’ve never made anything close to six figures before…

Even if you think your best writing happens on a grocery list or in a Tweet.

And if you’re thinking you need a college degree… nope, you don’t need one of those either.

Not only am I going to give you the exact system others have used to earn enough money to live a life they try not to brag about, but I’m going to back it all up with an offer that will be almost impossible for you to refuse.

More on that later…

For now, I’d like you to picture your new workplace –

It’s a comfy hammock.

On a beach. Someplace tropical with the smell of fresh sea air, and all you hear are the ocean waves lapping up on the shoreline.

You look up from your laptop to gaze out upon the ocean for inspiration. 

Then you type for another hour and boom!

You’re done working for the day.

“A Writer? C’mon, they don’t even make that much money!”

That’s what my family said when I told them I wanted to become a writer.

And I couldn’t blame them -- I used to think it was impossible to make six figures a year with writing.

If you’ve ever heard of “starving artists” it might be hard for you to believe too.

But once you’re on the inside circle of what I’m about to show you, you’ll quickly meet people who are doing just that.

You’ll meet Mindy McHorse, who traded her office chair for a beach blanket and went from dragging herself into her dead-end corporate job each day to being able to quit that job and clock over $100,000 each year as a writer...

Now, I want to pause for a minute because I know what you might be thinking – money isn’t everything.

And you’re right… there’s much more to life than just a healthy bank account balance.

But it’s sure is awesome when you…

·      don’t have to worry about paying your bills…

·      schedule work around your hobbies and personal life…

·      travel whenever and wherever your heart desires… 

·      can meet friends in the middle of the day for lazy 3-hour lunches

And what if you could do all of that and not have to stress over a toe-tapping boss who’s eyeing his watch as you walk into your cubicle? 

Six-Figure Magic

If you can read this letter, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say you already know how to write.

But there’s a certain type of writing that deposits the most cash into your bank account –

It’s called direct response copywriting.

Now wait, there is 1 catch –

You’ll have to burn every rule your English teacher ever taught you – they’re no good here.

That’s because direct response copywriting is like a late night conversation with a friend who only wants the best for you.

And that’s the beauty of this type of writing –

It’s an easy to learn writing style with techniques rooted in natural language.

And if a former grocery store shelf stocker can learn it, so can you.  

In fact, that’s exactly how the co-founder of the leading copywriting company American Writers & Artists Paul Hollingshead got his start.

Another writer showed him the same blueprint we’re about to give you, and today he “only” makes a little over $300,000 every year working a few hours a month. He confesses if he spent way less time skiing and more time writing, he’d be making more.

More Than Enough Work

When it comes to being able to apply your new skills, there’ll be no shortage of companies eager to lay a check at your feet.

The internet is on fire right now and showing zero signs of slowing down with 4.1 BILLION people on the internet worldwide!

Ever thought of becoming a blogger? Sweet! You’ll never be out of work -- over 4 million blog posts are published online every day.

Is social media more your speed? How about getting paid to write a tiny fraction of the 500 million tweets posted each day?

My Invitation To You

By now you might be wondering, “ok, how would I even get IN to the direct response copywriting world”?

You’ll probably laugh when you see how easy it is.

It all boils down to this --  

You have the opportunity … RIGHT NOW … to:

  • learn the ropes from 6-figure copywriters who’ve collectively amassed millions of dollars by writing for a living…writers who’ve been in the business for 10, 15, 20 years, so they’ve seen what works, how to land the jobs, and pitfalls to avoid

  • Swipe all of our shortcuts, tips, lists, and secret recipes for succes

  • Take advantage of unlimited access to a team of writers 24/7 to answer any questions you might have

  • Get exclusive access to our private direct response copywriting job board marketers use to hand-pick copywriters

 …all tied up in a big red bow of a 100% money back guarantee for 1 full year.

It’s all available to you when you join the [CLIENT] Club.

Just so you understand, this isn’t just another online club with a money back guarantee.

We are obsessed with 100% customer satisfaction.

So we pack in every tool you need to make sure this opportunity is for you:

  • Start off by learning the secret formula that makes for compelling, click-triggering writing in your free copy of “The Smart Start Writing Program” - the exact formula the top copywriters secretly use to win clients, audiences, and killer writing fees.

  • You’ll also get the inside track on the hottest writing trends, how to think like a writer, and how to churn out high quality copywriting like nobody’s business.

  • Ever wondered how you can stay for free at hotels around the globe and take a cruise to the Caribbean and not pay a cent?

You’ll also get all the writer’s perks and freebies when you join the [CLIENT] Club.

And remember, if you you’re not happy with your membership then there’s no way we can feel happy keeping your money.

So if one year from today you wake up and change your mind about everything you’ve received from us, let us know and we’ll hand you your money back. 100% of it. No questions, no hassle.

The best thing that happens is – you have a library of copywriting secrets and material – everything you need to enjoy a life of complete time and money freedom … from halfway around the world, traveling while you work 3 hours a day.

The worst thing that happens is -- you have a library of copywriting secrets and material – plus you get your money back.

Does it get any easier?  Join us inside the [CLIENT] Club now.

Expecting your best success!


P.S.  This goes without saying, but if you keep doing the same thing, you’ll keep getting the same results. Don’t wait, don’t put it off til tomorrow. If you’re serious about doing something you love, having more freedom with your time and money to do those things you’ve been putting off, then take action NOW to see new results in your life.




Love What You Do For A Living…Starting TODAY


A 2017 Gallup survey revealed 85% of people worldwide hate their job.

And that got me thinking …

What would make people absolutely love their job?

Of course, there’s the pay – if you’re like most people, your utilities, rent or mortgage won’t pay their own way.

But there has to be more…

A shorter work commute?  Better benefits?  -- Hmm... perhaps.

But I think it’s deeper than that --


We all want freedom to define life on our own terms.

I’m talking next level type of freedom --

The kind where you wake up when you want, and not when an obnoxious alarm demands that you do so.

Freedom to work from a laptop anywhere you choose -- whether that’s your sofa, a hammock in the Caribbean, or a tiny café in Rome, Italy.

And having carte blanche access to the things you love doing.  Is it gardening? …golfing? ...traveling? 

Name your pleasure…

Because if you seize the opportunity you’re being given right now, you can have that freedom much easier and faster than you might think.

You owe it to yourself to see how easy it is…

Hope to see you there!


P.S. They say life is short, and if you’re like me you know that’s not just a cliché.  If you’re not happy where you are right now, act on your power to change it. Life as a copywriter – when you’re given a roadmap, resources, and a team of people helping you get there – is your ticket to the freedom you imagine.

And you can start right here… right now… with one tap.



You Did It!


Hey [NAME],

Celle here from [CLIENT] Club and I just want to say …


You just kicked off a whole new chapter of your life!   

It takes guts –

And you just took that very important first step towards writing life on your own terms … choosing to experience a type of time and money freedom many others only dream of.

Your new life awaits and I’m sure you’re itching to take your next step …

But before I pass along your login details I wanted to give you a quick 1-2-3 on how to make the most of your membership.

Now, I will warn you – your head might spin a bit from seeing just how many paths can lead you to life as a successful writer.

So #1 -- never forget the feeling that inspired you to take this first step. 

Was it frustration with your 9-to-5? …

Dreading the next rush hour commute? … 

Fed up with rationing your time to do the things that make you happy?

Whatever your motivators, super glue them to the front of your mind and salute them as your drill sergeant before you start each day.

Picture the life you want and move towards it in small steps.  It’s like they say -- if you can believe it, you can achieve it. 

#2, we’re holding a spot for you in our private Facebook group so come on in and give a shout out or toss a question into the chat…

You’ll find we’re a close-knit group and we are beyond excited you’ve chosen to run alongside us on your new journey.

And #3, dive into the content and don’t be shy.

Get acquainted with the dashboard, which is the first thing you’ll see once you’re logged in.

Consider it your home-base, complete with links to the forum, bonus reports and secrets others before you have used to unlock the door to a remarkable life free of financial restraints.

[NAME], by now I’m sure you’re anxious to get started … let’s get you those login details:


USERNAME:   newmember

PASSWORD:   youcandoit123

You can’t see us but we’re tossing up confetti now that you’re one of us.

Welcome to [CLIENT] Club family!

P.S.  Any questions at all, send them to -- we read every one and answer as soon as we can.


Celle Rolon


It All Starts … NOW!

Dear [NAME],

A warm welcome to the [CLIENT] Club!

Now that you’re here, I’m eager to show you around so you can see firsthand why we’re so passionate about helping you get paid to write.

I know this must be a thrilling time for you, and we’re equally excited to have you!

Because I want you to experience all that your new membership has to offer, I’m sending you a few of my own personal tips to help you do just that --

First, come on in to our private Facebook room and wave a hand.

Everyone is super friendly, and you’ll quickly see we’re all family here.

Even if social media isn’t really your thing, the forum is a wellspring of tips and inspiration our members tell us they can’t do without.

Next, click here to watch our 10-minute [CLIENT] Club welcome video, complete with a virtual tour of your membership portal.

Then go ahead and get logged in.  Take a look around and get click-happy so you’re familiar with where things are. 

By the way, we have folks on stand-by who love their inbox, so shoot us an email at if you could use a hand.

Again, super excited you’ve decided to join us, [NAME]!

I wish you all the best on your journey my friend.       

Here’s to your first steps!


P.S.  I almost forgot – when you have a minute this evening, grab something tasty and kick back while you check out the “130 Amazing Perks and Freebies for [CLIENT] Club!” bonus report you received when you signed up.

If you never knew there was such a thing as a copywriter’s goodie bag, you’ll be happy to know it is quite real! 

The following is an article I wrote for a professional copywriter’s club website

Primary SEO keyword:  online writing freedom

Secondary SEO keyword: freedom with writing

Online writing freedom isn’t just a goal, it’s a mindset.

Online writing freedom isn’t just a goal, it’s a mindset.

7 Daily Mind Exercises For Writers Who Crave Online Writing Freedom


If you’re planning a life of freedom with writing, it’s essential you prepare your mind for success.

Ever want something so bad, you can almost taste it? That’s how I felt about online writing freedom when I first learned how it could change my life.

And it’s a craving far from the feeling of wanting a huge bowl of chocolate ice cream smothered in chocolate sprinkles…  

No, it’s something deeper –

I believe each and every one of us questions our life purpose at some point of our lives.

We’re constantly evolving and reinventing ourselves to define our own place in the world.

And as we grow, we often seek greater freedoms –

·      Freedom of expression…

·      The freedom to travel…

·      Freedom to be who we want to be…

·      And freedom from time and financial constraints.

All of those are reasons why many of us writers gravitate toward writing.

And because the internet is in a state of continuous bloom, what better way to quench our passion for writing and quiet the fear of financial worry than to pursue online writing?

If one of your life passions is to fulfill your desire for online writing freedom, I’d like to invite you to stick with me –

That’s because in order to successfully design your life of freedom with writing, I believe your canvas must first be clear and built on a foundation of strong mind.

Think Freedom… And It Will Be Yours

Self-improvement practitioner and thought leader Napoleon Hill once said, “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve”.

Now, I’ll admit –

When I first heard that I thought it was crazy talk.

And I remember dissecting Hill’s declaration from every angle. 

Here’s what’s interesting –

He’s absolutely right.

Think of it like this – picture yourself carrying out two different activities:

One where you’re trying something new, but it’s not too far of a stretch, like taking a trip to a place you’ve always wanted to go…let’s just say Bora Bora here.

And  with the second activity you’re doing something new, but conceivably impossible, like walking on the moon in flip-flops.

In the back of your mind, you’ll tell yourself 2 things:

1.     “OK, I may not have tickets this very minute, but Bora Bora could happen one day,” and

2.     “Walk on the moon in flip flops? Yeah right.”

What you might not realize is that although Bora Bora might not be in your near future as far as you can tell, it is actually possible… someday… for you to go.

As far as that moon walk?  Well… yes that one isn’t very likely or realistic.

So what am I getting at?

If you truly want to achieve freedom with writing online, then you absolutely must make it your Bora Bora.

Compare it to something you know is physically impossible, like walking on the moon in flip-flops.

Suddenly Bora Bora doesn’t seem so far fetched.

Neither does knocking out a few amazing case studies, blog posts, or landing pages for a client.

Writing online is not impossible. It’s not difficult. But it does take some work and it will certainly make you burn a brain cell or two.

With proven techniques and a team of friendly, knowledgeable and supportive writers cheering you on, you can easily garner quick wins on your scoreboard.

Others have done it and continue to, and for very good money, so there is no reason why you can’t make this your ticket to time and money freedom.

What are you waiting for? 

Make Fear Ride On The Roof 

Now let’s talk about fear. 

It’s real, yes? 1,000%.

So real, it can cripple our progress and bring our dreams to a grinding halt.

When it comes to writing, fear can grow like algae in our mind and distract us from delivering a top-notch piece.

So here’s one surefire way to gain control of your fear –

1.     Acknowledge that fear will always be with you. We’re human and it’s natural to fear anything you haven’t done before.  

2.     Know that fear is a control freak and it will always plant itself into your driver’s seat. Talk to it and then toss it up onto the roof while you forge ahead on your journey.

The conversation can go a little something like this:

“Dear Fear,

I see you’re here, and I appreciate your concern, but I don’t recall asking you to drive so hang out on the roof and if I need you I’ll come get you.”

By the way I’m sure this goes without saying, but don’t ever pull fear back down from the roof.

If you’re truly searching the freedom that comes with being a freelance copywriter then this one is a must.

Go on, I know you can do it.

Kick Procrastination in the #%$*!

I’ve heard it said that when we procrastinate in doing something it’s because somewhere in our subconscious, we believe we can’t really conquer it.

I’ll share the absolute best advice I ever heard when it comes to writing and it’s from American Writers & Artists Inc. co-founders Katie Yeakle and Rebecca Matter:

“Write every day”.

It’s that simple. 

You may not be on top of your writing game every single time your fingers start to type. 

But if you’re writing (typing) every day, then it gets easier to just… start.

And, once you start, you are that much closer to finishing.

Even if you only type your name and a mock title, you’ve typed something on the page.

You might be asking, “OK so what can I write about every day?”

Easy! Write about anything you love.

One ingenious way to approach writing is like famed copywriter Nick Usborne, as he shows you in his publication, “The Secret of The 1-Hour Workweek”.

In it you’ll see how you can not only write about what you love, but you can use it to make a great living writing online in only a few hours a week.

As a member of [CLIENT], you’ll have it anytime you need a boost. 

Abandon the Status Quo

When I was younger I remember being asked the question, “if everyone jumps off a bridge are you going to do that too?” in response to wanting to do something just because my peers were doing it.

Now, the stubborn children (not me) wouldn’t actually answer the question, but instead, squint an eye back to the adult who was asking.

And as we’ve grown we’ve learned to decide for ourselves exactly the things we choose to do and not do.

Now, that's not to say that we sometimes don’t do things because our friends, our partner or family are doing them – but it’s important for us to distinguish between supporting those we love and blindly following the crowd.

Every now and then, abandon conformity.

Don’t be afraid to swim upstream.

If you’re supposed to wear matching socks, then don’t.

If you’re supposed to eat your green beans with a fork, well, abandon the fork for a night.

Little by little, deliberately declare your individuality and you’ll discover freedom of expression and an ease for confidently breaking from the crowd.

You’ll find it washes you with a level of comfort in yourself and your abilities, and it will strengthen your mental health muscles so your mind is well prepared when you sit down to write.

Here’s to your online writing freedom!

Celebrate Your Talents

Too often we don’t recognize just how amazingly talented we really are.

As we learn new skills we tuck them under our belt of accomplishments and they become a distant memory of just another thing we completed.

But if we’re not careful we stop recognizing all the supporting steps in-between that got us to the finish line.

For example, let’s say you completed your first sales letter.

(And if you really did that, woohoo!  Congratulations! That’s quite an accomplishment!)

Sales letters can get quite lengthy, take time to plan, and have many parts that have to blend naturally and lead the prospect on a journey to make a decision.

So don’t just celebrate that you completed a sales letter. 

Celebrate each part of the sales letter as a separate accomplishment.

That goes for anything you do.

Once you see just how many little things you know how to do, you’ll appreciate the bigger accomplishment on a deeper level.

As often as you can, do one thing to celebrate… YOU.

Take an evening to cook or buy your favorite meal for yourself… and chew slowly.

Buy yourself flowers. Or schedule a massage.

Take time out to care for yourself as you would any other investment, and you’ll continue to enjoy the online writing freedom your heart craves.

Stop Kickboxing Yourself

We shoot for the stars.

Sometimes we miss and hit the moon. 

With writing, this can mean:

·      writers block

·      missed deadlines

·      multiple edits 

What’s most important is that you remember you’re human, and it’s why there are still erasers on top of pencils.

Understand that what the world will tell you is a mistake is just practice and feedback for what to change on your next try.

Remember how awesomely talented you are.

Then give it your best shot and edit your writing.

It’s like they say -- it’s not how many times you fall, but how many times you stand back up.

Just look at the members of the [CLIENT]. You’d never guess some are high school dropouts. 

Today, they are successful writers enjoying their comeback story, a career that didn’t penalize them for not finishing high school, and a life of online writing freedom.

What others perceive as mistakes can often blossom into victories.  Embrace yours and see where your life will take you.

Listen to NASA

At the December 2011 TEDxTuscon Dr. George Land reported a study NASA developed in an attempt to measure creativity.

A specialized test was given to 1,600 children between the ages of 4 and 5.  98% of them scored in a way that NASA considered them “creative geniuses”.

NASA administered the test to the same children five years later - only 30% of them were still “creative geniuses”.

By age 15, only 12% of them maintained their status.

It’s clear that as young children, we were geniuses at thinking outside of the box without limits so why not go back to that?

I get my creativity back by:

 ·      swinging high on playground swings

·      riding my light-up hover board around my house

·      challenging my son to Wii Mario Kart races

·      carving mini sea turtles into the sand at the beach

So grab a pouch of fruit snacks and revive your inner 5-year-old. You’ll see how good you feel and how much easier writing becomes.

The [CLIENT] is a community that will support you in all your writing efforts and your quest for online writing freedom.

Whether you need to share a story or hear one… you’ll see we’re not just a bunch of writers –

We’re a community of compassionate hearts who happen to write.

If you’re looking for a space where you can develop your writing skills, hone your copywriting craft, get insider tips, and learn how to get clients and enjoy the life of freedom you desire, our community is the place you can do just that.

Join the [CLIENT] NOW and you’ll be on your way to online writing freedom in no time!


3 Life Lessons I Discovered During A Flight Delay

by Celle Rolon


Airports are unsuspectingly notorious for teaching us lessons.

Such as how to speedwalk through an airport rolling luggage with bum wheels…

How to shoehorn 2 extra pairs of shoes into an already stuffed suitcase…

And how to haggle your way out of paying $60 for that stuffed suitcase now that it weighs 51 lbs.

But I never imagined I would learn life lessons while waiting at the airport.

Here are three I learned recently, courtesy of Ft. Lauderdale Airport Terminal 4.

Life Lesson #1: We Are All Perfectly Imperfect

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a germaphobe.

And I finally traced its origins - back to my childhood, courtesy of my mother.

For years my mother ran her own residential and commercial cleaning business, so you can imagine the standard of clean I was subjected to growing up.

What? You’ve never actually seen an airborne crystalized gleaming sparkle except when you watched I Dream of Genie? Well, they were a common sighting in our house.

As a child when I came in from playing outside, I would hit the fridge for a glass of Kool-Aid and hear, “ah-ah-ah!...wash those mitts first!"

Fast forward 20 years and I’d become the lady in the public restroom stall, flinging her leg up 3 feet just to foot-flush the toilet. This gets tricky with skirts and push button toilets, but yes, I’ve mastered those too.

If you’re ever lucky enough to be in a public restroom with me you’ll also see me grabbing extra hand towels to wrap around the door handle so I can exit germ-free.

You may also catch me whipping out antibacterial wipes before I open a bottle of water much less eat something by hand. (Disclaimer: as a self-respecting considerate germaphobe I do feel obligated to mention hand sanitizer kills less germs than wipes so choose wisely.)

Over the years I’ve taken great pains to make all my germaphobic behaviors look normal gestures.

But as I sat back down without making skin contact in that squeaky bubblegum-bottomed lopsided airport chair, I realized, there is no reason to hide who I really am.

People don’t care that I open convenience store doors with my wrist, or that I hold my breath and run two aisles away when someone sneezes within 3 feet of me (an MIT sneeze study found germs can travel 200 feet).

No, no one cares!

As of today, I am no longer hiding my germaphobia.  

I will de-germ myself openly with pride.

Now, can someone please make me a green smoothie and wear a clean pair of FDA-approved food grade gloves first? 

Life Lesson #2: NASA Can Make You Younger

Tuesday of last week was my birthday.

Wait, hold your confetti — 

Because I didn’t actually get a year older … I got younger.

Now, I’m not one of those people who say they’re 26 when they’re really 58 … that’s not what I mean.

What I’m saying is I digressed in age and here’s how NASA helped me do it --

As I was waiting impatiently (more on that in a minute) for an announcement from the airline, I looked around and noticed about 50 or so other people waiting too. Many of these families had children with them.

The children weren’t impatient and they weren’t huffing and puffing. 

Know what they were doing? 


Tag, pattycake, and kick your sister while mom’s not looking.

You know, good clean kid fun. 

And it reminded me about an article I sent someone recently about how 5 year olds think at a genius level.

The article was about how NASA had administered a test to 1,600 children between 4 and 5 years old, and 98% of them scored at a “creative genius” level.

When the same children turned 10 years old, only 30% of them scored at the same level.  

And by age 15, that number had sunk to 12%.

Can you guess how the adults scored?

A whopping 2%.

2% of the adults tested were considered “creative geniuses” - ouch!

Now, while there are a gajillion conclusions we can draw, here’s what I took away from that study:

If I revive my inner 5-year-old, I’ll regain my creative genius.

And if it’s true that you’re as young as you feel, then not only can we all awaken our inner creative genius but we can feel free and child-like while doing it.

Now, I am still very much the mature, demure professional I need to be when the time calls for it, but in my spare time I’m dunking Oreos, playing on my PlayStation, or cruising through my living room on my hoverboard that has the really cool blinky blue lights on the front.

Life Lesson #3:  Reward Your Patience 

It’s advice I give my son. It’s something I claim to have.  

But every now and then when the rubber airplane tires hit the tarmac I see evidence that maaayyybe I’m a bit impatient. 

About 4 minutes into the flight delay I started eyeballing the time on my phone and forcibly exhaling out loud repeatedly until I annoyed myself.

I stood up, I paced, shot a little side-eye to the airline folks behind the counter…

I was trying everything to control my inner basket-case.

For an excruciating 10 minutes.

Then I caught myself —

Pacing was only going to make this delay feel like a painful commercial break interrupting my favorite show, especially without a bucket of honey-BBQ wings … ice cream cake … some semblance of nutritious comfort food to ease my woes.

So I returned to the chair, kicked off my 80’s playlist with Hall & Oates, opened a crossword app on my phone and took a deep breath …

Appreciating the trip I had just taken …

Appreciating that I have the freedom to travel ...

Appreciating that my super sleuthing skills just paid off big-time with 6 semi-melted peanut M&Ms in the corner of my handbag!

Smiling at the airline folks behind the counter even though they returned my smile for a revengeful dose of side-eye.

And accepting the moment for what it was.  

Before I knew it, I was lugging my 51-lb suitcase upstairs to my room, washing my hands for 4 minutes straight, changing into my footed zip-up pajamas, and hopping into bed with a big bowl of ice cream cake. 

And it hit me — what I give, I get in return. And if I can accept myself in the process I’ll get even more.

It’s why children giggle so much… because they don’t take themselves seriously, and they see the world around them as a grab-bag of opportunity to marvel at the wonders adults have grown accustomed to overlooking.

My advice?

Take moments to laugh more, lay in the grass and count the stars, and dunk your Oreos.

Just don’t forget your hand wipes.


“What’s That Smell?” In This Million Dollar Beach Town

Breathe deeply and you’ll smell beach air infused with the aroma of a backyard cookout.  

And if you can picture a sea of massive three-story 19th Century Victorian mansions adorned in gingerbread trim, picture-perfect manicured lawns and rose flowerbeds, complete with beach cruisers and the latest Range Rovers parked in 30 foot-long driveways…

You’ll be picturing Cape May, New Jersey.

Now, picture a dog spot.

And not just any dog spot…but a top-rated hot dog joint Jersey shore visitors know as Hot Dog Tommy’s.

An eatery with two very distinct traits –

Hungry beach-goers wait in line at Hot Dog Tommy’s in Cape May, NJ

Hungry beach-goers wait in line at Hot Dog Tommy’s in Cape May, NJ

The first is that it’s nestled smack dab in the middle of a 400-year old conservative and historic shore town.

The second is that its owner flat-out refuses to offer his customers chairs.

That’s because Hot Dog Tommy’s is a walk-up counter notoriously accompanied by a long line of hungry beach-goers who would much rather pound sand than sit in chairs while they eat.

If you’re ever there you can join them in a slow stroll across the street where they eat on the beach.

In the off chance that sand and ocean waves aren’t your thing, you can walk your doggies a few feet away along Beach Avenue and find ample bench seating.

Hot Dog Tommy’s Texas Tommy Dog

Hot Dog Tommy’s Texas Tommy Dog

Just be prepared to carry a half-pound sack of first-class Angus goodness, fully loaded with your favorite toppings.

You’ll sink your teeth into juicy hot dogs slathered in one or more of 30 mouth-watering fixings like mashed potatoes, cranberry cole slaw, crunchy onions, or bleu cheese…melted cheddar, maple bacon, buffalo sauce or tortilla strips -- a foodie’s dream!

If calories are a concern, you’ll be happy to know you have your choice of gluten-free, vegan, and leaner wiener options.

And at under $10 each, these delicious hot dogs won’t break your piggy bank.  

By now you might be wondering what everyone else thinks. Let’s just say, the ratings don’t lie.  

Hot Dog Tommy dogs have earned themselves 4.5 out of 5 golden stars on both Yelp and TripAdvisor, and Foursquare ranks them 8.6 out of 10, with comments like “heaven on a bun” and “most unique hot dog”.

Even though Cape May is a popular haven people travel hundreds of miles to visit, this town is rarely congested, so you will appreciate the ample parking, clean sidewalks, and polite drivers throughout town.

Take a five minute lazy stroll around the Hot Dot Tommy’s area and you’ll enjoy beach side shopping at its ice cream parlors, dress boutiques, smoothie bars, and family-friendly arcades.

And because this quiet beach town is also known for its bed & breakfasts, you’ll be hard pressed not to find a cozy place where you’ll be awakened by the scent of blueberry muffins and fresh-brewed coffee.

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Now is your chance! Prepare to feast on flavor-packed beef links that have reinvented the backyard BBQ as we know it.

Your dogs are waiting… and remember, reviewers do not hold back on the world wide web, so the superb ratings you read are ones you can trust.

I am convinced your Hot Dog Tommy dogs will reward your palette with an eating adventure you’ll flaunt on your social media pages.

In fact, I’m so convinced you will thoroughly enjoy your hot dogs that I’ll buy them for you.

I know how much I enjoy eating these succulent hot dogs while kicking back on the beach, and I don’t want you to have any reason not to experience all that this popular food stop has to offer.

So come to Cape May and we’ll hit Hot Dog Tommy’s together.  I look forward to seeing you soon!